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Our Review is a website that sells books, CDs, DVDs, Videos, computer games and accessories, magazines, stationery, and selected hardware to the international market. At whsmith you are always a click away from the huge number of deals and offers that are present on your screen. You will save a lot of money when you take advantage of these deals.

Browsing the site is easy, if you decide to place an order, you have to choose the product you are interested in by clicking on the appropriate heading at the top of the page such as books, CDs…. Once you have made your choice on certain product, add it to your shopping basket. You can always remove a product from the shopping basket if you change your mind. A product in your basket is not a commitment to buy.

After you have finished choosing your products click on "checkout". From that point on all the information entered will be secure and only read by whsmith. At checkout you have to enter your details if you are a new customer or simply login if you are a returning customer.

Finally, you have to confirm your order and an email will be sent to you containing your order information. After that your order will be posted to you, and at that point only will you card be charged and not before. You can always check the progress of your order by clicking "your order" link at the top of each page. Orders can also be cancelled here as long as they have not been sent yet.

In case you are not satisfied, products can be returned and a refund will be sent to you provided certain criteria are met. Items that are not faulty may be returned within 45 days unopened and unused. Faulty items can be returned after they have been opened and will be refunded with the cost of the product to your card and not in cash. Delivery charges will be refunded in case of faulty products.

Payment Methods: Customer Service: Delivery Info:
Master Card
American Express
01 865 771 772
If products are available:
2-3 business days (UK)
4-8 business days (Europe)
6-10 business days (U.S.A)
7-14 business days (Far East)6-10 business days (other)


WHSmith Retail Ltd.
Freepost (sce4410)
Swindon, Wilts
Tel: 01 793 695 195


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August 1, 2002

I got very good offers at whsmith, I bought a desk organizer for only 4.99 as well as many other discounts on CDs and DVDs. Keep it up whsmith.

Ellie, London


July 31, 2002

I ordered an N’sync CD and got a completely different one. I know mistakes happen, but I wish it hadn’t happened to me because it made me lose some confidence in the site. However, I must say, they returned it. I got my money back no problem!

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