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Our Review

Circuitcity opened its first store about 50 years ago. It grew tremendously over the years and has now more than 600 stores and 50,000 employees. They have a wide selection of products at competitive prices and a very good service.

Their huge variety of products include: Electronics for kids, TV, video and camcorders, cameras, computers and accessories, wireless phones, portable electronics, phone-fax-pager, video games, car audio and security, satellite TV systems as well as furniture.

The website is very comprehensive and easy to use. It provides a lot of information about each product and the different sections that comprise the website.

Circuit city always aims at providing its customers with great service and exceptional deals such as free shipping and extended time for returns on special occasions, express-in store pickup, price matches plus guarantee, items at discounted prices and much more. So always check they might have something exactly for you.

Extra savings are always available at Circuit City. There is a section for gifts under $100 which has many useful items that you can benefit from whether you need it as a gift or for your own use. You can also visit the clearance center and take advantage of the very low prices as well as check out the weekly ads on many categories and profit from the major discounts. Even better, sign up with and get all the best offers by E-mail.


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I was so happy with their prompt delivery. I had lost confidence in some websites when it came to delivery, but Circuit City proved that not everybody is the same.
Sara Richardson, Dec 12, 2002

The website is very easy to use and contains a lot of informative descriptions about each product.
Tom Neil, Dec 15, 2002

Easy to use with competitive prices.
Hilda, March 16, 2007

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Contact Info

Customer Service Address Delivery Methods of Payment
Circuit City Stores, Inc.
9950 Mayland Drive Premium:
Richmond, VA 23233 US
Tel: +1 804 967 2920
Fax: +1 804 527 4008

Express: 1 bus. day
Premium: 2 bus. days
3 to 5 bus. days   (Electronics and Accessories)
4 to 10 bus.days (Music, Movies and Game Software)
Circuit City Credit Card
Circuit City Plus Visa
Circuit City Gift Cards
American Express

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