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Halloween Gift Baskets


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August 11, 2002

I bought some chocolates for my brother and his wife on their wedding anniversary last month. The prices were really expensive!  Nothing less than $29. I had no choice but to buy on-line, there was no time to go to the store. The Web site is easy to understand and ordering is easy with a credit card. I'll buy from there again only when I am in a rush.

John McMahon - Minnesota

July 28, 2002

My mother loved the gift. She is so difficult to please. A vote of confidence for Harry and David!

Jenni Mugamba

Our Review

Harry and David are two brothers who in the beginning got started by taking over their family’s pear orchard in 1914. The pears they were selling were of the best kind and magnificent in taste. They are called Royal Riviera Pears. The two brothers thought of the idea of offering their pears as gifts by mail after the great depression, which left them unable to export their goods to Europe. Their business prospered and their company became a leader in fruit gifts. Their aim was to satisfy their customers a hundred percent. They achieved that by the friendly treatment they provided and by the special attention they took in packing their gifts as well as using the best ingredients. The two brothers have started selling online using the name Their website is involved in selling gift assortments and baskets, fresh fruits and vegetables, sweets, gourmet foods, floral gifts and home decor items. You will always find goods under the "great buys" category giving you great discounts. You also have the option of making your order from a tries to facilitate shopping for its customers and aims at keeping them always happy.

Important Information about Harry and David

Alexa ranking: 17,936

Mail Orders: Harry and David, P.O. Box 712, Medford, OR 97501-0712

Telephone Orders: 1-877-456-7700

Fax Orders: 1-800-648-6640

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