Eurostar is a high speed rail service that started its operations in 1994. It links the United Kingdom to France and Belgium via the Channel Tunnel. It is a very fast way of communication. The shortest trip made between London and Paris was 2 hours and 15 minutes, London and Brussels 1hour 15 minutes and between London and Lille just 1 hour 20 minutes. Eurostar makes 17 trips to Paris daily, 10 to Brussels and 9 to Lille. It has changed the way people travel to Paris and Brussels. People now travelling to both those cities from London have doubled. Since 2005, Eurostar has been offering connecting services and providing links to over 100 destinations across Europe. Eurostar’s ticket prices are reasonable and meet all budgets. People travelling for leisure have fares starting from 59 pounds return.

Eurostar has been a great innovator in the rail industry by setting new standards for travel by train. It has many advantages over other means of transport which are:
-City center to city center travel
-Frequency of services
-More punctual when compared with its competitors, 91.5% of Eurostar               trains arrive on time.
-Comfort and space
-Faster journey times
-Arrival in city center, no queue, no baggage reclaim.
-In case of delay or cancellation it has a very generous compensation policy.

Eurostar is very friendly to the environment and aims at reducing its carbon emissions by 25% per traveller journey by 2012.

Euro star’s fleet consists of 27 trains that have been refurbished to meet the satisfaction of all its customers regardless of which class seating they have chosen. It has a number of safety features among which are fire proofing systems and an on board crew that is trained in first aid, making it one of the safest trains in the world.

Eurostar’s website helps you make your reservation online and provides you with all the travel information you need as well as all the destinations available. It also has a section that offers its latest deals as well as a section for its frequent travellers. If you want to book your ticket online, you have to fill the required information. First of all specify your destination as well as the dates of your trip and the number of people travelling. The system will then search for all options available to meet your needs. Once you have decided, select the desired trips and then move on to fill the required personal and credit card information and you will be all set.


Customer service:
44 (0) 1777 77 78 78

Eurostar UK  Ltd.
Eurostar House
Waterloo Station,
London, SE1 8SE
Tel: 01719 22 45 25
Fax: 33 4 88 66 22 20

First class mail: 7 working days

Store Rating:

Customer Poularity: Very popular website, due to the increasing number of travellers every day and their need to make quick and efficient bookings.

Website design:  The website has a very nice design and is available in two different languages. It is colourful and has well divided sections.

Product Information: The system searches and provides all the options available to meet the needs of its customers, thus giving the most information possible.

Ordering Process: Ordering or booking a ticket is very easily done by following the steps one by one and filling the required information.

Customer satisfaction and return statement: Customers are always satisfied because Eurostar has a very generous comnpensation policy in case of any malfunction in its system.

Website performance: The website works very well and is fast. It is very easy to browse through the pages and get the information needed.


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4 Stars

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The site ranks the 13,756th on the internet

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Client privacy:
Does the privacy policy adequately protect you?



Chester Brown, February 10th, 2008:
Reserving tickets using Eurostar saves a lot of time, not mention the time actually saved when travelling with Eurostar’s very fast trains.


Cindy Shaw, February 3rd, 2008:
Travelling to Paris is a very fun experience with Eurostar nowadays. The train drops you off at the city enter which is very convenient for the tourists.